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Going Both Ways

What if you woke up as a different person every other day? A man one day, and a woman the next. As different as your bodies were, however, they shared the same mind, memories, and experiences. That’s the premise of Going Both Ways. The book provides a unique twist on a familiar conceit pulled along by the lead character’s journey of insight and personal reflection — resulting in true love for the very first time.


Patrick Morelli is a boorish underachiever. After a prolonged rant about how easy women have it, Patrick awakens as a woman (Trish). But rather than staying a woman, he’s male one day and female the next. The male and female characters share a single mindset – so Patrick is always in Trish’s head and vice versa.


Patrick’s incarnations as a woman provide many situations rife with humor and introspection. Midway through the book, Patrick decides to go public with his situation. In a fast-moving narrative Patrick/Trish is unveiled at a NYC press conference and becomes a worldwide sensation sought after by luminaries as diverse as the Pope and Hugh Hefner.


While attending a party at the Playboy Mansion, Patrick meets a rap superstar named Gi-Slam. Their connection is immediate and powerful. Gi-Slam’s onstage biker-bitch character contrasts with her genuine girl-next-door persona (Gigi).


Gigi is bi-sexual and she has a relationship with both Trish and Patrick. As the relationship with Gigi deepens (and Patrick loses his frat-boy ways), Trish takes her leave. The book concludes in Italy as Gigi and Patrick vacation together. In a Palermo café, Trish makes a brief appearance that only Patrick witnesses. Trish urges him to express his love for Gigi. Patrick takes her advice and proclaims his deeply felt love – which Gigi reciprocates.

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