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  • I Ain't Got No Money1:03
  • When Uncle Sam Is Smiling0:54
  • My Tax Return the Fanciful0:55
  • Taxpayer Blues1:01
  • Battle Hymn of the Taxpayer1:28
  • The Taxpayer's Polka0:45
  • The IRS Audited Me And Ran Off With My Wife1:04
  • Heck, My Accountant Said To Me0:45

Phil Fragasso

Taxpayer Blues

(All songs written by Phil - but thankfully, he doesn't sing on any of them.)

This collection of original – yet comfortably familiar – songs is designed to make the American taxpayer smile even as the IRS makes him scowl. The collection features a wide range of musical genres – from blues and country to choral music, as well as a polka and easy-listening standards. Just in time for tax season.

All songs are performed by Ruby Tunes, a collection of Boston’s finest vocalists and studio musicians.  Vocalists include national recording artist, Red Peters, as well as Gigi Abraham, Patty Barkas, John Corcoran, Kook Lawry, Brian Maes, and Paul Soares.  All music is performed by John Corcoran, Ed Grenga, and Kook Lawry.

You can watch the music video for "I Ain't Got No Money," sample the songs, and read the lyrics. Then you can buy CDs directly from me or digital downloads at iTunes or CDbaby.com.